Dear Reader,

Here is your Monday morning quiz--your “Start of the Week Seven”. Are you informed? Are you in the know? Shouldn’t you be working? If you answer all 3 questions correctly--try again next Monday. Hopefully I'll crush your self-esteem then, smarty pants.

1. Stores are waiting to put out their Christmas merchandise until after _______.

a) Halloween

b) Thanksgiving

c) who says they’re waiting

d) Bill O’Reilly simmers down

e) I know a store that never put theirs away

2. It’s time the United Nations intervened in the ________

a) the Syrian civil war

b) the Bruce and Christy Jenner low intensity conflict

c) the Republican civil war

d) the UA vs. NAU rivalry

3. This Halloween the sight of hundreds of 4 foot high”Walter Whites” at your door can only mean one thing.

a) “I’m the one who knocks” is the new “Trick or treat”

b) Pure meth is back on the streets

c) it’s a promo for “Honey I shrunk the chemistry teacher”

d) parental controls on cable TV are a joke