G. Gordon Liddy, a Watergate conspirator, arrives at the White House to consult for President Obama. (AP Photo/Roberto Borea)

To stop leaks the White House recently created a plumbers unit and in the name of in the name of national security called G. Gordon Liddy out of retirement to serve as a special counsel to the President. Liddy said, "I'm happy to be back at work doing what I love.I feel like a kid again!"

This week it was revealed an Obama Administration insider leaked classified information about North Korea's nuclear program to a Fox News reporter. Fox News aired the story, endangered sources in North Korea and helped Kim Jong-un learn how to better conceal his nuclear program from the United States. Fox News' Roger Ailes said,"Fox: We risk our country's national security, you decide. Back to Benghazi."

Meanwhile across town the Department of Justice erased the First Amendment with a gum eraser and Attorney General Eric Holder plugged the classified information leak with his head.