Fitz Blog: Summer fun for the kids

2013-06-03T08:00:00Z 2013-06-03T08:37:49Z Fitz Blog: Summer fun for the kidsDavid Fitzsimmons The Arizona Daily Star Arizona Daily Star

With the temps rising and the kids at home for the summer we’ve got some swell ideas for activities to keep everyone happy, safe and cool! Here’s just a few playtime suggestions guaranteed to brighten your summer days:

  1. Back porch lockout! Let the little ones while away the morning practicing lock picking while you enjoy a peaceful cup of Joe.
  2. Kids love this game! Stare at the TV until it comes on! How long can you stare at a blank screen without blinking?!
  3. The "I'm bored" Whining Olympics 
  4. Not in the house! List the things you shouldn't do inside the house near the knick knacks
  5. Clean your room again
  6. Video game toss
  7. Find the loud, noisy and annoying video game that dad tossed in the trash dumpster
  8. Get off mom's computer
  9. Learn how to call your friends and invite them over--
  10. You do have friends right?

Kids love crafts. Here’s some do-it-yourself crafts we enjoy at our home when we’re not pressing our sad faces against the cooler vents:

  1. Let’s make popsicle ear muffs. Sticky fun. Not in the house!
  2. Let's carve shoes out of birdseed blocks
  3. Let’s make prickly pear pad earrings for mommy
  4. Paint grandpa's face while he’s napping
  5. Learn how to make cake frosting out of Elmer’s Glue
  6. Build a sweat lodge out of cardboard boxes
  7. Play "House" in the fridge
  8. Get off dad's computer
  9. Learn how to call your friends and invite them over--
  10. You do have friends right?

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