Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia prays for relief from being asked to ," rule on one idiotic law after another from Arizona."

     A furious Justice Scalia blew up when the Supreme Court ruled Monday that Arizona’s voter-ID law is illegal under federal law. Writing for the majority, Justice Scalia asked Arizona’s lawmakers to stop wasting the Court's time with," poorly researched, incoherent, unenforceable idiotic laws."
     This year the Court rejected an Arizona law legalizing the hunting of illegal immigrants, a law mandating the construction of a shark moat along the border, the planting of tracking chips in all Mexican-Americans in Arizona and a ban on Mariachis.
      Slapping his forehead the visibly irritated Justice said, "Either give us 9 more justices to handle the hot steaming load of legislative crap coming out of Arizona or stop it. For the love of God, just stop it. It's like trying to hold back a tsunami of stupid." Scalia then announced the justices just voted 7-2 to require Arizona lawmakers to prove they aren't "complete morons".
    Arizona lawmakers are expected to argue that community standards for what defines " a moron" vary too widely in Arizona for such a standard to be applied fairly.