Fitz blog art:Local News Update

According to a study an estimated 1, 500 jobs will be created by Arizona’s medical marijuana industry. 10, 000 in the snack food industry, 4,000 in bong manufacturing, 599 in the breath mint industry and the millionaire who owns the murine franchise. This poses the question: Was the economic researcher high? And will our weed be called “Arizona Gold”?

Asking for a tax increase to pay for street repairs Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry said,"The Tooth Fairy will not fill our potholes." I am so disappointed to hear this. I always believed that if you leave a tooth under the welcome mat on your front porch when you go the bed the pothole in front of your house will be fixed in the morning. Apparently the Easter Bunny told the Tooth Fairy Pima County has no eggs in its basket. Even sadder--Tucson’s budget is a mess. I’m waiting for the Mayor to tell us “Santa Claus won’t pay our bills.”

Bad news: The Department of Justice has been caught spying on professional journalists. Shocking news: Fox news was not among that group.

Bad news: Oregon Ironworks will be late delivering Tucson’s streetcars. The really bad news: They’ll be delivered strapped on the back of Suntran buses like space shuttles piggybacked on 747s.