Fitz blog Art:Tucson Water

Tucson Water introduces new mascot, the "Itsy Bitsy Spider".

We're Tucson Water, where blood’s thicker than water and patronage flows downhill. Before we get onto the big news of the day we'd like to respond to the Star's so-called "investigation" about some bid somewhere for something that has something to do with who cares by citing scripture.

“Cast thy bread upon the waters and cast thy bread also upon old friends retired from Tucson Water for yea, verily, I sayeth unto you who looketh closely at thy bidding process?”

What do you say to that Darren "Mike Wallace" DaRonco?

No hard feelings scoop. It's all just water under the bridge.

But that's not why were here today. We are here today to announce our new children's book giveaway program! Every child who rats out a water wasting parent will receive a copy of "Tucson's itsy-bitsy spider".

Here’s a sample form this delightful collection of kid's favorites:

Itsy bitsy spider

climbed up the water spout,

out came the bids

and even though the spider bid low he got washed out by insiders.