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     On Sunday noted aerialist Nik Wallenda came to Arizona and demonstrated for onlookers and millions of television viewers why the border can never be completely secured without reform.

     Wallenda said," Crossing over a canyon is a piece of cake. Build a giant moat. Spend a fortune on walls. It won't stop anyone who's motivated, nimble and has a Discovery Channel sponsorship."

     Much to Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's disgust Wallenda had prepared for the crossing for months by walking in a straight line and not looking down while the rest of his family went to real jobs.

     In less than an hour he made the perilous journey and informed the nervous Arizona officials on the other side he was an American Citizen.

     "Just ask the film crew and my wife. And,'no' Wallenda is not 'Mexican'."

     Undetected by the Border Patrol he tiptoed across the canyon into northern Arizona where he found employment and in his words," a better life. Before the crossing I was David Blaine without a stunt. The jokers in 'Jackass 3' were more famous than me. Now I'm 'Wallenda'! The lure of more work waiting for me on the other side made it all worth while."

     In northern Mexico sales of wire quadrupled overnight.


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