The Egyptian military announced the country has an interim President now. The job posting read:

A. Must be flexible

B. Ability to read Constitution not required

C. Sticklers for details not wanted at this time

D. Bulletproof resume a plus

E. No muppets , puppets or marionettes need apply

Egypt's great plan is ____.

A. to piss off religious extremists.

B. Wait for a Muslim Brotherhood Brother to witness a tank accidentally running over a Koran. Oops.

C. As they say in the Valley of the Kings: Tut Tut.

D. Or there’s no honor among Thebes.

E. Give the new guy a day. The promise of being buried in a pyramid beats being buried alive in a cell. .

Who has more stable management?

A. Egypt

B. In ’n’ Out Burger

C. Mogadishu

D. A Wahhabi-Mart in Riyadh

E. U.S. Justice Department

The Arab Spring ____

A. is lovely this time of year

B. has sprung

C. just became one long Groundhog Day.

D. precedes nuclear winter and then the sand fleas and camel spiders are back.

E. worsened Dick Cheney's allergies

Latest scandal:

A. Egyptian military takes down democratically elected government

B. IRS gets caught auditing Muslim Brotherhood.

C. Vin Diesel is going in.

D. McCain visits Anti-Morsi rebels, calls for U.S. to send rocks

E. Secret revealed: Drone blew nose off Sphinx