Fox News won the 2013 Nobel Prize for Physics by proving that dense objects exist in a parallel universe.

The Democratic mayor of Detroit got  sentenced to 28-years in a miserable cold gray prison or as residents of Detroit call it, “Detroit."

Arizona representative Brenda Barton compared Obama to Hitler which has resulted in countless Tea Baggers googling the correct spelling of the word “furor.”

Protesters tried to prevent the detention of three illegal immigrants by Border Patrol agents who were just doing their jobs. Jobs not even an illegal immigrant would take.

They were called to a traffic stop by TPD officers who were following the letter of the law known as SB1070. The letter this law deserves is an "F".

Rep.Grijalva was arrested along with other congressmen and activists n front of the U.S. Capitol in support of something called "immigration reform." Whatever that is.

Immigration reform isn't even on the back burner. It's in the freezer in Tupperware sealed tighter than the  border.

Conservatives have been planning the government shutdown for months. No surprise the tough on crime crowd is into premeditated murder. On the upside that indicates frontal lobe activity.

Some are arguing default might not be a bad thing. For bankruptcy lawyers.

Where were the monsoons this year? According to the weather service they pulled a "Chuck George".

The owners of Tucson’s newest trampoline park “Cartwheels and Concussions” are planning a trampoline park for toddlers: “ Tigger’s Bouncy Time", a subdivision of 100 Acre Lawsuit Inc.

Nobel Prize winning Chemical weapons inspectors are hard at work overseas. When they finish in Syria they can address the Chicken McNuggets sauce used by McDonald's.

When the Republicans warned us about Death Panels no one realized they were the Death Panels.

Tucson’s s best Halloween House of Horrors are "Slowly I make a Michigan turn", "Streetcarnage", and "Kino Stadium Ghost Town". It’s hard to top Phoenix’s terrifying "Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Attic".

UA President Ann Weaver Hart is moving the President’s offices into Old Main right next to Wilbur the Wildcat’s litter box because the 7th floor of the Administration Building is haunted by ghosts: The  Walking Dead--- University Vice-Presidents.

The tea baggers in Congress love Ted Cruz . One said Cruz is so hot he makes his teapot whistle.

This week Arizona executed a 71-year old inmate 35-years after he was sentenced to die. In Arizona justice delayed is justice.