Mount Rushmore is closed. Not because of the Republican shutdown. Washington, Jefferson, Teddy and Lincoln can’t stop rolling their eyes and gagging.

Know how I can tell winter is officially here? Thousands of snowbirds at Safeway. I’m wrong. It’s just Senior Discount Day.

If the Republicans are upset with Obamacare now-- wait until they find out that shooting yourself in the foot isn’t covered.

John Boehner was seen online checking to see if Obamacare covers Cruz-ectomies.

I can’t wait to see “Captain Phillips”. It’s the story of the freighter off the coast of Somalia that was boarded by pirates. The whole crew was held hostage by Tea Party Republicans until the Navy stepped in.

For Halloween my kid bought pumpkin food coloring. He wants to be John Boehner.

Was that Ted Cruz or did Sarah Palin get hormone treatments and learn Spanish?

Martha McSally claiming that what Congress needs is another Republican in the House of Representatives is like claiming Detroit needs more arsonists.

I oppose a prolonged Government shutdown because it will dramatically hurt one group of severely mentally ill Americans that has gotten little attention: political cartoonists.

Seems lots of folks here in Arizona pack heat in their holsters these days. Or should I say War-zona?

The Saguaro Monument is closed which is bad for tourism. And worse, it means drug dealers will have to dump their bodies in Three Points.

I love Lupita Murillo. She’s a great newswoman. That dynamo is a cross between Chita Rivera and Serpico.

Dia de los Muertos is coming. I love downtown’s Day of the Dead procession . So many skeletons took to the streets last year I thought I was a fat boy at an anorexic goths conference.