It’s a great time of year to go for a hike in the desert and find yourself. All I found was a swarm of Killer Bees and a German tourist who’s been lost since June.

It was a great news week. Sarah Palin showed up at the WW2 Memorial and said ,” I love you veterinarians. Wheres the camera? I won the Battle of the Bulge with my new amazing weight loss plan. Call today!”

Goodwill donation centers announced they will not accept used congressmen.

Congress agreed to kick the can down the road. I wish my Congressmen would lay down in a road. At rush hour.

This week the UA’s Happiness Lecture Series kicked off with a lecture and free anti-depressants. I went to a blues concert and was happy.

Professor Wiley Coyote will be teaching brinksmanship at Georgetown University. He taught debt ceiling management and bomb disposal at the Kennedy School of Government for 13-years.

Pro  Football and concussions were in the news this week.  The NFL issued a statement arguing that NFL Football may cause brain damage but it only affects a tiny minority of men who have cerebrums.

Obama spiked the ball in the end zone this week

A FOX reporter stormed out of a White House Press Briefing when Press Secretary Jay Carney kicked sand in his face and told him he thought he heard Glenn Beck blowing on his dog whistle.

Former crew members of the Maersk Alabama questioned the credibility of the movie “Captain Phillips” claiming that no one had Star Wars light sabers as depicted in the film.

97 % of Americans disapprove of the performance of Congress. 87% of Americans believe the 3% who approve of Congress should be in a padded cell.

For a while there the fate of our global economy was in hands of minority who paint Hitler mustaches on Obama posters.