Dear Reader,

Here is your Monday morning quiz--your “Start of the Week Seven”. Are you informed? Are you in the know? Shouldn’t you be working? If you answer all 7 questions correctly--try again next Monday. Hopefully I'll crush your self-esteem then, smarty pants.

1. Sahuarita hopes to annex 60 square miles east of town and call it______

a) Sahuarito

b) El Town-o Grande

c) Stuccolia

2.Dozens of women staged the biggest demonstration of its kind Saturday on the streets of Saudi Arabia, claiming a basic right to_____________

a) drive a car

b) go salmon fishing in the Yemen

c) swing on wrecking balls

3.This Halloween witches are upset about ______

a) about the rising costs of newts

b) over the new broomstick tax

c) about the FDA’s new cauldron regulations

4. The Federal Housing Finance Agency announced that J.P. Morgan Chase will pay ___________.

a) $4 billion in fines to Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae

b) Chuckles the Clown time and a half to entertain executives at their going to prison party

c) whatever it costs on the extraterrestrial black market to acquire a “Men in Black” memory erasing neuralyzer