Dear Reader and Veterans,

Here is your morning quiz--Good luck!

1) 87% of Americans believe Veterans Day is a day set aside to honor_____.

a) veterinarians

b) silver-tongued army recruiters

c) people who served in the military

d) people who served in the food service industry

e) immigrants from Veterania

2) When I was a kid, my father, the Master Sergeant, used to wake me up at 5 A.M. with _______.

a) a bugle

b) a B-52 flyover

c) the UA Marching Band

d) a reminder that “The day’s half over!”

e) a crisp ten-hut

f) a crepe and a latte

g) a howitzer

3. The veterans in my family told me they originally signed up because ____.

a) they loved this country and were willing to die for it

b) the steel mill closed and Lulu got pregnant

c) the recruiter promised them they’d learn skills that would make them unemployable civilians

d) someone had to kill Hitler

e) life in Mayberry just wasn’t cutting it anymore

f) who can resist the lure of free clothes, long walks and group showers?

4. At family reunions my nickname is_______

a) chicken -----

b) the wussy without commissary privileges

d) Sally Civilian

e) the eternal 2nd Leiutenant

f) Civil Air Patrol Weenie

g) KP duty

h) Mister Lucky

i) Draft Lottery #2

5. My brothers went to Vietnam_____

a) because they loved foreign travel

b) to get away from my "crap" and someone named Lulu

c) to meet new people

d) to fight the red menace

e) to make a better life for themselves and the world around them through noble service.

f) for the great pay coupled with the delight of sleeping outdoors in exotic climes

6.When you see a vet _______

a) don't kiss them

b) kiss him if you're Angelina Jolie

c) kiss her if you're Brad Pitt

d) say thanks  and ask them about their service

e) don't expect to get free animal care advice