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This week we polled customers of Tucson's new trampoline parks. Tucson’s new trampoline parks in order of popularity are:

7. Gravity Depravity

6. Petie Piper’s Catapult

5. Bob’s Bouncey Hut and Auto Supply

4. Bounders and Breakers

3. Juan’s Discount Jumping Kingdom

2. Cartwheels and Concussions

1. Tigger’s 100 Acre Lawsuit


These trampoline parks have been great for many other associated enterprises. According to our survey, in order of popularity, here is the Top Ten list of local businesses benefiting from the trampoline parks:

10. Saul Goodman, Personal Injury Law.

9. Ballpeen’s Ceiling Repair

8.Wiley Coyote Physical Therapy

7. Dr. Petie Piper’s Paralysis Analysis Lab


5. Wheelchairs “R” Us

4. Drop ‘n Pop Ambulance company

3. Crazy Cristina’s Crutch Hut

2. Osh Kosh Orthopedics

1. Neck Braces To Go