McSally came out in favor of working to keep the A-10s here. I "heart" DMAFB. Grew up there in a fine military family. Read our new blog from the blue yonder. That's why I'm Arizona's nightmare: A liberal with discipline. Love the ghosts in the boneyard and the A-10s. Admire McSally's service. We may not agree on much but she is an impressive officer with great community spirit. Sooner or later I'll have to pick on her always mindful she has the skill set to take out a tank.

If Ansel Adams had ventured west with his camera this summer he would have nothing to show but smoke. Headline: The West’s “Burning Man” festival to be cancelled due to redundancy.

Tucson turned 238 last week. Chalks it up to lifestyle, saguaro wine and a chili pepper a day.

Bulletin: Lake Mead going drier than Lindsay Lohan at a convent.

Miley Cyrus: The most profoundly compelling argument for sterilizing country western performers with mullets. She makes Cher look like Mozart. Same week Our beloved songstress Linda Ronstadt has Parkinsons. I called her up on Youtube and listened to my youth speed by, serenaded by a tender bluesy voice. God is cruel. How can the same God who produced Ray Charles produce Insane Clown Posse?

How would the U of A stack up in the federal rating system? The U of A is affordable if ________.

a) mom works there

b) dad sells the jag

c) the 10-year plan works for me

d) the bank teller camera malfunctioned during my heist

I'm hired to be the next coach

Biking in style ain't cheap. I have saved a small fortune by wearing a desert tortoise on my head and a decorator pillow on my seat while I ride.

Facebook Poll: In Syria, do you believe the United States should back _____.

a) Assad the war criminal

b) The al-Qaeda insurgents

c) out of the room very carefully

d) the Arab World against a wall and slap it around

e) away from the red button

f) a no fly zone over refugee camp morgues

g) into McCain at a party and ask him to chill

h) pedal