The overly enthusiastic and radioactive monster, Godzilla, takes a bite out of a commuter train. The creature and the first movie arose from the suffering after Japan was hit with two atomic bombs in World War II, and both have evolved over the decades.

Fitzwire--Godzilla, the King of Monsters, was among the VIPs invited to ride Tucson’s modern streetcar. Mayor Rothschild later admitted it was a mistake to invite the leviathan who has a reputation for unpredictable behavior.

Godzilla’s management assured the city it would replace all the streetcars eaten by the monster.

In a conference call from Tokyo, Toshiro Mifune, his agent, said, “He got a little excited when the Mayor pointed out the many fine dining venues along the streetcar line. Once his appetite is worked up, watch out!” Godzilla apologized and promised to return in the fall to cheer on the Wildcats. Son of Godzilla is a freshmen at the University of Arizona majoring in herpetology.