Fitz: Headlines of the Week

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Thank God Thanksgiving will be over soon so I can stop fretting about soup kitchens, food banks and hunger in America and just go shopping.

Pope Francis urged world leaders to fight poverty and economic inequality this week, abandoning the Vatican’s opulent Papal Suite for an “Occupy Wall Street” tent in the middle of St. Peter’s Square. The Swiss Guards have been called in.

Obama is focusing on the miserable Afghan war, slowing Iran’s march to nukes, Syria's civil war, eliminating chemical weapons, and the Israeli-Palestinian stalemate because they’re easier to deal with than our Congress.

Right wing neo-con foreign policy experts are furious that President Obama is missing the big picture in the Middle East: WMDs in Iraq.

Republicans upset about U.S. cutting  a deal with Iran point out at that at the very least Ronald Reagan did it under the table and all the terrorists got out of us was arms.

Iran’s whacky Mullahs are suspicious of a deal to make future deals with the West. In the West our whacky Mullahs are called Tea Baggers.

Headlines of the week:




Pope Francis worse than Communist, Marxist, Socialist

He's a Christian. Merry Christmas, Ayn Rand.

ASU students spray paint ASU on UA Wildcat statue as graduation requirement preparing them for their future employment as paint-huffing homeless graffiti artists.

CPS investigation update: In Arizona we believe children should be seen and not heard. And abused children should take a number.

Healthcare update: Sasha Obama vows to have Obamacare website fixed by November 30th. In return dad promises Sony Play Station 4 for Christmas.

Is it me or is Israel building housing settlements in the West Bank like the United States  expanding whites-only gated communities into Native American reservations?

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