Lupita Murillo, KVOA's local television crime reporter, recently revealed she lives in a home made entirely of crime scene tape which the glamorous and intrepid journalist built herself.

"Years ago I just began picking up crime scene tape at crime scenes I was covering for KVOA and after a while I thought what on earth am I going to do with all this crime scene tape? And then, while I was working out bench pressing 500 pounds at the gym, it came to me."

Murillo began building her own home out of the yellow tape in 2009 and just completed the two-story 3-bedroom hacienda this year.

She opened her home up for tours to raise funds for crime reporters suffering from fingerprint dust allergies. "It's amazing what you can do with a glue gun," said Murillo as she showed off her solarium. "I thought that adding the chalk outlines of mock crime victims on the sidewalk leading up to my home was a clever design idea."

Murillo offered guests advice on home security and free rolls of crime scene tape on their way out.