Summer’s  around the corner and more Americans are spending their vacations stowing away in jetliner wheel wells. Avoiding excessive baggage fees makes the subzero temperatures and lack of oxygen worth it.

World sends Happy Earth Day card day late, Earth tells inhabitants to, "gun hummer, suck on tailpipe."

Putin, hailed by impoverished Russians as great leader, to expand failing corrupt state to include failing corrupt neighboring state

Ukraine crisis: Pro-bluster wing of G.O.P. encourages President to "be a man", suggests making threats impossible to carry out

Arizona Bill to allow llamas to carry concealed weapons in Pima County Fair petting zoo, extort feed

In Ukraine, shirtless Joe Biden bulldogs shirtless Putin, downs Ukrainian Easter Eggs like Cool Hand Luke

Arizona Bill to allow guns in libraries, silencers golden

Pro-life Arizona leads nation in promoting entrepreneurial spirit,  back alley abortion industry boom

Supreme Court won't allow Arizona to criminalize harboring illegals, Gestapo protests, attic searches fun

Arizona Bill to allow guns on County Fair Midway rides sure to add to fun