The Old Pueblo Trolley receives a pep talk from a former driver who wishes to remain anonymous that the historic vehicle is still loved.

Fitzwire--According to University of Arizona Professor of Transit Psychology, Curtis Airstream, the Old Pueblo Trolley is suffering from “Transitory Self-esteem” issues. “I examined the old trolley thoroughly and I can confidently say it is clinically depressed. It hasn’t dinged in days.  It no longer clangs. These feelings are only temporary, arising from the arrival of the sleek and energy efficient modern streetcar which the trolley perceives as a threat to it’s relevance.” Professor Airstream said the trolley is simply unaware of how keenly it is loved. “It’s easy to be forgotten and overlooked when you’re older and no longer contemporary. I assured the trolley it will always hold a place near and dear in our hearts.” On Friday when the new streetcar is celebrated the Old Pueblo Trolley will be available for hugs.