Pinal Sheriff Paul Babeu, shown in Oracle, testified before the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.

Fitzwire--Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeau today announced he will be leaving law enforcement to become a full time events planner for the Tea Party. "It got to where I was spending so much time planning political rallies I thought why not do it full time? I love throwing parties, especially street parties. Floral arrangements and flags are the tip of the iceberg! The best part is I'll still get to carry a walkie-talkie."

Babeau told the media he continues to ignore calls from his former lover, an illegal immigrant, who has offered to design save-the-date cards, place cards and other event paraphernalia for his new enterprise, which will be called "Babeau Events".

As he was preening in his trailer before an on-camera appearance Babeau said, "It will be hard to give up the uniform and the leather boots. But what can I say? I was born to be a Wedding planner-- and, let me tell you, Tea Party Anti-Immigrant rallies are the next best thing! Love to talk but I'm lining up catering for my next big event."