America discovered one more racist this weekend, a discovery which shocked the nation and confused the Supreme Court, leading Justice Roberts to say,"We're pretty sure we ruled there is no racism."

Today rancher Cliven Bundy offered NBA owner Don Sterling a chance to purchase his Bunkerville Nevada all-caucasian basketball team franchise. "If he don't got the cash, We'll take guns in trade."

NBA owner Don Sterling declined the offer but announced he will be hiring  Cliven Bundy to serve as Assistant Coach for the Clippers. “He understands minorities. By the way, minorities are 'fabulous'."”

In a related story, the National Racists Defense League denounced video cameras, tape recorders, and i-phones.

Yesterday the NAACP revoked Sterling's lifetime achievement award after NBA owner Don Sterling said," don’t bring black people to my NAACP lifetime achievement award dinner."