Tucson's Modern Streetcar undergoes testing on North Fourth Avenue in preparation for the Running of the Pedestrians Event set to take place during the 4th Avenue Spring Street Fair. Photo by Mike Christy / Arizona Daily Star

Tucson's new streetcar will be tested in the spring, adding excitement to the 4th Avenue Spring Street Fair. The City Transportation Department has assured 4th Avenue merchants the streetcar driver, test pilot Chuck Jagermiester, will honk the streetcar's horn to alert street fair attendees to the streetcar's oncoming approach, suggesting the event is expected to have the festive flavor of Pamplona's Running of the Bulls.

Upset vendors and merchants are complaining that the streetcar test will cause customers to scatter like bowling pins.

The Metropolitan Tucson Convention & Visitors Bureau believes the test will be a plus for the city. "The international press coverage that will result will be priceless! We hope the 'Running of the Streetcars' will become an annual event-- attracting adventure seeking tourists looking for something out of the ordinary. I expect we'll see a dramatic bump in the sale of wind chimes and incense sticks for the street fair vendors."

In a related story, the University of Arizona Police Department has asked that the testing of the new streetcar be delayed until after the Wildcat NCAA victory riots that are expected sometime in mid-March.