A sign put up by mine opponents at the site of the proposed Rosemont Copper Mine near Rosemont Ranch in the Santa Rita Mountains south of Tucson.

When’s the next time you’ll be lucky enough to see a jaguar at Rosemont? When a visiting Canadian investor hops out of one.

I was watching my daughter potty training my granddaughter. "You've got to flush, you've got to wipe up and pick up the mess you made." Naked, she toddled off, ignoring her flustered mom. That kid has all the makings of a future pit mining executive.

Question: Would you let your daughter, Rita, go out with a guy named Rosemont who says he'll return her to you in 25-years after he's done with her and offers you money to buy your indifference?

If you're name is Tucson the answer is,"Have a good time."