University of Arizona president, Ann Weaver Hart supports cuts to NPR and KUAZ, saying," Give me P.R., not N.P.R."

Southern Arizona’s public radio and television broadcaster is facing $2 million in cuts being phased in by the University of Arizona starting next month.

University of Arizona President Ann Weaver Hart, said, “the cuts reflect budget realities. And the reality is this: I want PR, not NPR. I’ve started watching Fox News, Tosh 2.0 and Entertainment Tonight. Maybe those media outlets will give my University the fair and balanced accolades it deserves. Who needs a NewsHour when a NewsMinute can do the job? And David Sedaris. I hate his little chipmunk voice.”

Arizona Public Media, which operates radio station KUAZ and TV station KUAT from the campus, will see its annual income slashed by $400,000 starting July 1, with additional cuts each year until Lake Wobegone is a dust bowl and Terri Gross is completely out of fresh air.