Opponents of the University of Arizona’s proposed expansion of student housing will soon be looking up at the world’s tallest dorm. University Vice President Moses Rump said at a press conference today that Wildcat Sky Dorm will be taller than the famous Dubai skyscraper featured in Mission Impossible XXIII.

     The towering skyscraper is the result of a compromise between the University of Arizona and the West University Neighborhood Association. After minutes of painstaking negotiations the University agreed to build one high-rise student housing project rather than scattering hundreds of mini-dorms throughout the west side neighborhood. Rump said,”It’s an effort to preserve the character of the neighborhood to our west and get the granola munchers and NIMBYs off our backs.”

     The architects of Dubai-based Leviathan Construction have dubbed their innovative design the Maxi-Dorm. Neighborhood activists have hailed the design as “the best outcome we could have hoped for--under the circumstances.” Construction will begin in July 2012 and is expected to take 3-years. Rump estimated it will cost $1.5 billion to build and says the record-breaking skyscraper will house 40,000 students and 2 security guards on 180 floors. The University is in talks with Davis-Monthan officials who have expressed concern about a colossal tower in the middle of their flight path and the potential for student mischief.