Headline: US prepares to retaliate against Russia by funding “Borat 2”.

At her SXSW performance Lady Gaga got covered in vomit.  I didn’t know she was Irish but I love her tribute to St. Patrick’s Day.

The Oscar Pistorius murder trial. His defense is pathetic. The man doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

The disappearance of Flight 370 poses a vexing problem for the U.S. Congress: How to blame Obamacare.

The World Wide Web, the most dramatic technological advance since the taming of fire,  is 25-years old and celebrating its stunning global achievement on a beach in Mexico watching cat videos.

The search for the Malaysian airliner has been so intense Chinese and NSA satellites spotted Amelia Earhart working on her tan and sipping a Mai Tai.

Related news Items: Global warming deniers suspect Flight 370 fell of the edge of the earth and the Bermuda Triangle is hiring a PR firm to lift its sagging reputation.

In a last ditch effort to find the Malaysian airliner officials are going to rely on the most dogged bloodhounds known to man. Unpaid student loan collection agencies. Someone on board Flight 370 still must owe money on their college education.

Facebook’s Zuckerberg called Obama to complain about the issue of internet privacy. There’s too much.

An Arizona law protecting car dealers from competition may stop Tesla from building a plant here. In Arizona the free market is free for those....who can afford a legislator or two.

Auto dealer lobby to lawmaker: Have I got a law for you. Wait right here while I discuss this with my manager.

This just in: Putin is hosting a referendum in Crimea. He invited North Korea to send observers to insure the election is fair.

So long, Jan. Governor Brewer announced she will retire after this term. She plans on moving out of Arizona to a liveable state with a good quality of life.