Tucson visitor Noah is relieved to be free from fallen power lines.

Senator McCain said Sunday that Arizona's "stand your ground" laws need to be changed, preferring a “stay off my lawn” version.

All lanes of traffic on South Monsoon Road are expected to be open. Tucson Electric Power "encountered some unexpected issues when working to repair power lines that had snared an ark loaded with thousands of animals."

Tucson police officers and the U.S. Coast Guard will help direct traffic until it’s able to flow smoothly and there are no longer safety concerns for Santa Cruz River Sand Trout migrating through the area.

Gov. Brewer wants Congress to require citizenship documents from voters before they can cast a ballot,” because the rate of actual fraud is infinitesimal. And that word must mean big. I think it’s Spanish.”

Headline: Pima County presses South Tucson to pay its $1.9 million jail debt, South Tucson to nationalize Le Cave’s Bakery, sell donuts to raise cash, Car wash on Saturday.