According to a FOX News poll none of the GOP candidates would garner more than 14 percent of the Latino vote come November. “And that’s fine with us” said one national party spokesman. Arizona State party Chair Ed Whitey said,” When Dolores Huerta said Republicans hated Latinos she was wrong. We don’t hate them. We just don’t want them around. There’s a big difference.” Whitey claimed some of his best friends hire Latino laborers and that he personally loves those old Speedy Gonzales cartoons as much as the next guy. Whitey argues that the party has been discouraging Latinos from joining their party because that they aren’t dependable when it comes to voting.” You’ve seen all those statues on everybody’s porch of ‘em sleeping under a saguaro haven’t you? How does that help a candidate on election day? It doesn’t. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. It’s our plan that the more Latinos learn about our candidates the more likely it is they’ll say ‘No way, Jose’ or whatever it is they say.” Whitey said he’s heard they are nice people but most of the ones he has met are headless illegals or Hamas terrorists. “Democrats can have them. Since the start of the primaries our candidates have been working harder than Mexican hotel maids to lose support among Latino voters. They make great landscapers but terrible Republicans.”