Good morning and how is everybody doing? What a weekend. Here in Tucson we love our cats don't we? Those mountain lions had a great season and now its over. No more bighorn sheep until next fall, okay? As for the Wildcats--a dish full of cream and scratch behind the ears. You deserve a nap in the sun.

Only 9 out of the 15 hooligans nailed by T.P.D. for ruckus raising after the game were U.A. students. And all nine of them were Anthropology Majors researching native rituals.

Fitz Fact: Tomorrow is April Fool's Day. A day set aside to honor all who have served and  are currently serving on the Tucson City Council.


North, South Korea swap fire, Russia deploys 35,000 near Ukraine, Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin to offer “conscious uncoupling” workshops.

Another shocking headline:

UN Panel on climate change sounds clarion bell alarm, citing cold winter, conservatives call for alarm bell clapper mufflers.

Conservatives are saying “the cost of inaction is reelection.”


"Noah" was a hit this weekend. The message in Noah is simple. We are the earth’s stewards, trickle down kills and a rising tide lifts all boats if your skipper has insider information.

Religion-based movies Hollywood should have made but never did:

  1. Sam Peckinpah's "David and Goliath"
  2. Spike Lee's "Mo' Hammed"
  3. Wes Craven's "Ten Plagues and the Angel of Death"
  4. Martin Scorsese's "Wise Men"
  5. David Lynch's "Buddha Gump"

This just in:

Acting unilaterally, American cable news media attacks Russia, camera crew taken hostage, graphics department reported missing and 3 news anchors killed.

The Numero Uno Question of the day:

The climate change debate that should be front and center--- Should warming deniers be set adrift on arctic ice or broiled alive in July?