Have you ever seen a Siamese twin cucumber?

2014-08-02T06:00:00Z Have you ever seen a Siamese twin cucumber?Susan Billings Arizona Daily Star Arizona Daily Star

Here's a photo diary from the first day of August.

1 - A cucumber twin. I wonder if it will taste twice as good? 

2 - Here's a small portion of this week's haul from my community garden plot. Don't let your Armenian cukes get away from you — they grow fast.

3 - As a follow-up to my earlier post about the nutritional benefits of verdolagas, I went hunting for them. And I found tons of them in my own backyard, thanks to the monsoon rains.

(My co-workers assure me that these are indeed verdolagas, also known as purslane. I guess I'll find out this weekend when I cook up a batch.)  

4 - The gem corn is coming along. The sweet white corn should be sprouting in a day or so.

5 - Free cuttings from my neighbor. Does anyone know what that is in the foreground? Does it like sun or partial shade?

6 - Another view of the succulent cuttings donated by my neighbor.

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