A playground torched by vandals over a year ago is open for business.

The slide at Vista del Prado Park, 6900 E. Stella Road, was barricaded at the end of February 2012 after city staff discovered someone set fire to it.

The following weekend someone set the rest of the playground ablaze.

Damage was so extensive the city shut the entire playground down.

It remained closed until the city's Parks and Recreation Department finished replacing the equipment on August 13.

The playground, with the addition of a new shade structure, is now open to the public.

Vandalism is a consistent and troubling problem for city parks, costing money and wasting resources.

Crews clean up graffiti daily at City parks. Copper thefts at parks also exert their toll on city resources.

If you witness any kind of vandalism at a City park, call 911 or 88-Crime.