Pima County residents are jumping at the chance to add their two cents on how the roughly $650 million of new bond money should be doled out.

So far, more than 3,300 folks have responded to the County’s online survey about what projects should be considered in an anticipated November 2014 bond election.

The county has been soliciting proposals for years and now local governments and community organizations have requested amounts that far exceed what’s legally available through a bond election.

So the county set-up the online survey as a way to help the Pima County Bond Advisory Committee whittle down the more than 100 proposed-projects totaling $1.3 billion to a number suitable for any future election.

The online survey, which can be accessed at azstarnet.com/pimasurvey, is available through Friday, Aug. 2.

The survey lists every proposal submitted to date to the Pima County Bond Advisory Committee and is divided into five primary areas:

• Historic, cultural and natural area conservation

• Public health, flood control, neighborhood reinvestment and governmental facilities

• Libraries, community facilities and museums

• Job growth, education and workforce training

• Parks and recreation

The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete and can only be taken once.