As we reported on Monday, Pima County District 1 Supervisor Ally Miller called 911 last week after a map disclosing her home address was printed online. 

Miller told a 911 dispatcher last Friday that an article "facilitated" by fellow Supervisor Ramón Valadez had her afraid for her safety, saying in a radio interview the news coverage was part of coordinated campaign of intimidation. 

"I am very in fear for my life," Miller said.

The article, printed last Friday, explained how a road project backed by the District 1 Republican was less than a block away from her home.

Valadez, who was interviewed as part of the article, mentioned the name of the street Miller lives on.

Miller further wanted help from the Pima County Sheriff's Department in taking down the article.

"Can you do something about making them take that down?" she asked the dispatcher.

"Ma'am, I can't do anything. I am just a dispatcher," the dispatcher replied.

Chris Nanos, the Chief Deputy Sheriff, who indicated officers would perform periodic checks of Miller's home.

Elected officials' addresses are public record, in order to ensure they live within their district.

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