Richard Fimbres, Ward 5, 2013 Tucson City Council. Courtesy City of Tucson

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A Tucson councilman’s letter to President Barack Obama over the situation of unaccompanied immigrant minors being housed in Nogales irked that city’s mayor.

Councilman Richard Fimbres wrote the president last week to ask how local governments in Tucson and Southern Arizona are supposed to assist federal agencies when they are kept in the dark.

You can read Fimbres’ letter here.

But that rubbed Nogales Mayor Arturo R. Garino the wrong way.

Garino, in an email to the councilman, pointed out that Nogales hadn’t been annexed by Tucson. And while some folks in Pima County might be out of the loop, he had been on top of things from the start, Garino wrote.

Here is Garino’s email:

Councilman Fimbres,

As I am reading this letter you have written, I notice that you have a few concerns.

First of all it is not a Detention center. It is a Transition center where they are being processed.

Please be informed that it is in Nogales that the children are being housed and not Tucson. We are comfortable and not burdened by the situation.

As Mayor of the City of Nogales I have been in direct contact with Department of Homeland security and US Border Patrol since the beginning before the children were even transported here. I receive updates on a regular basis.

If you need more information on the facts please feel free to contact me.

Thank you,

Mayor Arturo R. Garino

No word, as of yet, if the President has weighed-in.

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