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Bette Midler call my sister Anna Greenberg to sing her Wind Beneath My Wings

I may have unintentionally mislead people by forgetting to add a description. This video belongs to an Aaron Greenberg http://youtu.be/BtboZ6yfPJ8 (If this link doesn't work here search Youtube for "bette midler called my sister" and you'll find it.)I don't know him or the family at all but was very touched by it. Unfortunately the original was posted upside down. I just tried to fix it for them so assuming they want to post it right side up at some point.Again I apologize if anyone was unintentionally mislead. And my deepest sympathy to the Arron Greenberg and his family. RIP Anna Greenberg.I sent the video back to them as a "video response" comment but it needs to be approved by Mr. Greenberg first. So I commented what I tried to do and that if anyone wanted to view it right side up, it's at my channel but forgot to add a description.Again, I apologize for unintentionally misleading anyone.

June 27, 2013 3:22 pm

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