I may have unintentionally mislead people by forgetting to add a description. This video belongs to an Aaron Greenberg http://youtu.be/BtboZ6yfPJ8 (If this link doesn't work here search Youtube for "bette midler called my sister" and you'll find it.)

I don't know him or the family at all but was very touched by it. Unfortunately the original was posted upside down. I just tried to fix it for them so assuming they want to post it right side up at some point.

Again I apologize if anyone was unintentionally mislead. And my deepest sympathy to the Arron Greenberg and his family. RIP Anna Greenberg.

I sent the video back to them as a "video response" comment but it needs to be approved by Mr. Greenberg first. So I commented what I tried to do and that if anyone wanted to view it right side up, it's at my channel but forgot to add a description.

Again, I apologize for unintentionally misleading anyone.