The University of Arizona Medical Center was honored this month as one of the top 10 teaching hospitals in the country for quality and accountability.

The University HealthSystem Consortium ranked The UA Medical Center in Tucson ninth out of 101 non-profit academic medical centers in an annual analysis that measures mortality, effectiveness, safety, equity, patient centeredness and efficiency.

The top 10 hospitals earned a “quality leadership” award and received the award Sept. 13.

The study named the top academic hospital in the country as the University of Colorado Hospital.

“This honor means a lot to us because it compares us to our peers – the nation’s academic hospitals,” Dr. Andreas Theodorou , chief medical officer for The UA Medical Center, said in a prepared statement.

 “Quality and safety are top issues at all hospitals these days, so for us to rank among the top performers in a crowded and impressive field – that makes us very proud.

"I am grateful to my hospital colleagues and co-workers. Tucson is fortunate to have them.”

The Chicago-based health consortium is an alliance of the nation’s leading non-profit academic medical centers.