Local health blogger Rachel Miller is speaking out about urinary incontinence in younger women.

Miller, who developed the embarrassing condition after giving birth to her daughter, was shocked to find other younger women had it too.

She found this out only after having the courage to speak up, she writes on the TMC for Women blog.

"Yep, there I said it, in public no less – peeing your pants, wetting yourself, urinary incontinence," she writes.

"The things you can talk about over a few glasses of wine, or a good cup of tea and a brownie! And now, another admission: This is a problem that I’ve struggled with."

Miller says only one in 12 women seek help for urinary incontinence, which is perhaps one of the reasons she believed sufferers were almost exclusively women over 65.

"Talking with my friends about urinary incontinence I was shocked," she writes. "I figured I just had early onset."

The good news is that urinary incontinence is treatable. To read more of Miller's blog go to http://tmcforwomen.com/2012/09/28/chocolate-periods-heels-and-a-wee-accident-whats-the-connection/