More than 300 Pima County residents died of drug overdoses in 2012, a new county report says.

Chief Pima County Medical Examiner Greg Hess says deaths in Pima County overall were up in the county and included in that trend were deaths from  drug overdoses — 314 last year versus 277 in 2011.

Prescription drugs were a factor in the majority of the deaths, with oxycodone the No.1 source of overdoses and morphine the second highest.

There were 9,742 deaths in Pima County last year, compared to 8,383 in 2011 and 8,163 in 2010.

Cardiovascular disease was the top cause of death, while the second leading cause was chronic alcohol abuse.

In other report highlights, homicides went down in 2013, as did migrant deaths.

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