Arizona is one of 18 states where a major campaign to enroll people in health insurance will take place.

The states were chosen by the national, non-profit group Enroll America for a number of reasons, but the main one being a high rate of people without health insurance, the group's president said today.

About 960,000 Arizonans do not have health insurance, which works out to about 17 percent of the state's population, the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation says.

Open enrollment in the new health insurance marketplaces is just 100 days away. Other states targeted in the campaign include Illinois, Ohio, Florida, Tennessee and Texas.

The marketplaces will be a place where individuals, families and small businesses may purchase health insurance with federal subsidies available through the Affordable Care Act.

Enroll America is launching a "Get Covered America" campaign to start a  conversation with consumers about the benefits of health insurance coverage and the new health care options that will be made available.

The group's campaign efforts are being somewhat overshadowed at the moment, however, as several Republican lawmakers have called for an investigation into its fundraising efforts.

In a telephone press conference with reporters this morning, Enroll America president Anne Filipic would not release any specific numbers about fundraising or how much the group's marketing campaign will cost.

Enroll America says 78 percent of uninsured Americans have no idea how to enroll in the marketplaces that will be available in each state.

Arizona's health marketplace will be operated by the federal government.

Most people will not need to use the marketplace because they have coverage through their employer or through Medicaid.  Those enrolled in Medicare will also not need to use the marketplaces unless they are purchasing Medicare replacement plans.