Beginning April 15, Pima County will temporarily halt routine tuberculosis screenings.

The screenings, which cost $15 per person regardless of insurance, are expected to resume once a national shortage of the Tubersol solution for skin testing is resolved, Pima County Health Department Officials say.

The department will continue testing people who have symptoms of tuberculosis, officials stressed.

"By temporarily suspending routine screening for work, school, or in-home childcare businesses, the Health Department will ensure sufficient stock of Tubersol for testing those with symptoms, individuals from countries with high incidence of TB, or those who have compromised immunity,” health department director Dr. Francisco Garcia said.

For more information call the health department’s tuberculosis clinic at 243-


Routine TB skin testing is available through other providers in the community. Those providers may charge slightly more. Most cost between $20 and $30:

Concentra: 889-9574



 MBI 807-1060

Minute Clinic


Sunnyside Medi Center


Take Care Clinic


U.S. Health Works


TB skin testing is also available through local community health care centers, but you may need to be an established client first. Call for details:

Marana Health Center


St. Elizabeth’s


United Community Health