The chances of Sabella Sarai Gutierrez-Contreras having an Oct. 2 birthday  were way against the odds — one in 48 million according to research by staff at Tucson Medical Center where she was born.

That's because the seven pound, eight ounce baby is one of three generations born on the same day. Both her aunt and grandmother share the same Oct. 2 birthday, Tucson Medical Center (TMC) officials say.

Sabella's mother had been due Oct. 10, she told TMC News. But Sabella had other plans. She came into the world eight days early, at 11:46 a.m. on Oct. 2. She now shares her special day with aunt Jessica Gutierrez and grandmother Lourdes Pizarro. 

Jessica told TMC that she wasn't on time, either.

“I was actually two weeks late, and was born on my mom’s 30th birthday," she said.