It must have been nice to be a newspaper carrier for the Arizona Daily Star in the 1930s. Winners of circulation contests got big prizes and met famous people.

On Nov. 18, 1938, a Star article named contest winners who were on their way to Los Angeles:


Contest Winners to Take In U.S.C.-U.C.L.A. Game; Shows

Seventeen Star carriers are preparing for enjoyment of the fruits of victory in their recent circulation contest, directed by Ed Gay, circulation manager of the Star.

The boys will leave next Wednesday for Los Angeles where they will stop at the Biltmore hotel, which will be their headquarters during the time they are on the coast. It will be the fifth time that the contest winners have been guests of the Biltmore.

While on the coast the carriers will see the Thanksgiving game between U.S.C. and U.C.L.A. in the Coliseum, they will visit several of the beaches and a number of the Los Angeles theatres.

Among the boys who will be making the trip will be several who have been previous winners in the contest. In this group will be Alfred Durazzo, Joe Guzman, Tom Rorbach, Robert Figueroa, and Harold Weed.

The carriers making the trip include Tom Rorbach, Joe Guzman, Wesley Kleinkauf, Arthur Borquez, William Mettler, Joe Rosethenhauser, Joel White, Art Schafer, Louis Salvatierra, Robert Figueroa, Joe Babasa, Bernard Aros, Cloud Stewart, Harold Weed, Ray Francis, Don Gerhart and Alfred Durazo, carrier foreman.

Paul Jones, Charlie Thornton and Chris Tsaguis will drive the three cars which will carry the party.

Nowadays, Star carriers are more likely to be grown ups who deliver papers from their cars or motorcycles. Sadly, the days of bicycle-riding "paper boys" are gone.