Tales from the Morgue: Trouble over a lady's affections

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It's been happening since the beginning of time. Two young men are eyeing the same young lady and come to blows. But this time, one of the men was armed, so a fist fight turned into something that could have been deadly.

From the Arizona Daily Star, Friday, May 15, 1908:



Pedro de la Lama Shoots Ramon Marinez in Affray Which Arose Over Affections of Well Known Young Lady.

About 11:30 o'clock last night, Pedro de la Lama, a local Mexican newspaperman, fired three shots at another Mexican, named Ramon Marinez, only one of which took effect, and that only causing a slight wound in the left hand. The trouble between the two men arose over a contest for the affections of a young lady named Miss Katherine McKay to whom both have been paying attention for some time. The two men tell different stories in regard to the immediate circumstances which led to last night's shooting.

Marinez's story was to the effect that early last evening he was walking along the street, when de la Lama, who was directly ahead of him, stopped, and, turning, asked why he (Marinez) was following him, and at the same time displaying a gun. Marinez admitted to a Star representative that as a matter of fact he had followed de la Lama early in the evening, but did so simply that Miss McKay, who was with the latter, could see him. He said that later in the night he entered the Anheuser saloon on West Congress street, and that de la Lama brought up the trouble there, which finally resulted in his pulling a gun and firing three shots at Marinez, while they were backing out on the sidewalk.

Marinez said that Miss McKay had been engaged to be married to him, and that he objected to her going around with de la Lama.

When de la Lama was asked concerning his side of the case, he stated that he had been told Marinez intended doing him bodily injury and for that reason he carried a gun to protect himself. He said that he had heard that Marinez even intended to kill him. In referring to his meeting with his opponent early in the evening, he said Marinez had had a pair of brass knuckles and had assaulted him. He said that later in the night Marinez continued to follow and abuse him, and that finally he drew his gun and fired, but not with the intention of killing his opponent; he said he simply wanted to scare him away.

The shooting took palce about 11:30 o'clock in front of the Anheuser saloon on West Congress street. Special Officer A. C. Bernal, who at the time was eating his lunch in a restaurant about 100 yards distant, ran to the scene, and told de la Lama he was under arrest. The latter submitted without trouble, and handed his gun over to the officer.

Bernal took the prisoner to police headquarters, where bond was furnished in the sum of $500. Alberto Moreno and Z. A. Valenzuela qualified as sureties.

Marinez is employed as an engineer at the New Method laundry. He is about 28 years of age, and has lived most of his life in Tucson.

Pedro de la Lama is secretary of the Sociedad Zaragoza and is well known here.

Miss Katherine McKay is a well known young lady of this city.

Well, it would appear Miss McKay has a decision to make if there is to be no more bloodshed.

The Morgue Lady cannot explain why Marinez is referred to as a newspaperman at the beginning of the story, when at the end he is described as an engineer at a laundry.

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