Kelly Presnell/Arizona Daily Star

Gordon Koessler likes bugs. And to get a photo of wee young Gordon peering at a wolf spider during Nature Nights: Bugs and Blacklights I could have blasted a strobe, caught a more balanced exposure that would've washed out the entire scene (and blinded everybody including myself) and lost the real tale: a fascinated youngster in a dried up creek bed surrounded by the impenetrable black of a moonless Sonoran night, spider and boy each in turn caught in circles of flashlights.

Gordon was captured at 1600 ISO at 1/60th shutter speed, not unreasonable settings on either count. I had to eat some underexposure to limit the overexposure from Gordon's headlamp.

Achieving a “perfect” exposure shouldn't be the goal. It's nice, but capturing a moment is better.