David Sinteral says he especially bought his flag designed shoes from online for his graduation ceremony from Tucson High School, which graduated 515 students on May 23, 2013. Photographer Mamta Popat details her search for the shoes:

  I arrived just an hour before the graduation ceremony was set to begin at Tucson High Magnet School. I normally like to arrive at least a couple of hours early to catch some of the energy and excitement between graduates as they get ready for their big night, but I had another assignment beforehand. As I walked in the front door I caught a glimpse of a student with a pair of red, white and blue high-heeled shoes. I lost the student in the auditorium but made a mental note to try and find the shoes on the football field. 

  As the valedictorian made his speech I walked around the 515 students looking for the shoes. I made other photos of graduates receiving their diplomas and forgot about the shoes. I stood on the east side of the field and as more students got out of their seats to make their way towards the stage, I spotted them. I was thankful to be on the correct side of the field in order to grab a photo of David wearing the heels he especially ordered online for his graduation ceremony.