Tucson Tamale Company: Plated red, white and blue tamales, organic salad, local coffee from Adventure Coffee Roasting, all organic veggies, Chips from Allejandros Tortilla Factory. All masa and corn are Non-GMO organic. Red tamale is BBQ Pork made with BBQ sauce from Bill Johnson in Phoenix. White tamale is Chicken Pot Pie Tamale using all organic vegetables. Blue Tamale is Vegan. 

Ron Medvescek / Arizona Daily Star

Daily Star staff photographer Ron Medvescek was tasked to a cover for a story about local restaurants proudly tell patrons about food ingredients. Similarly, patrons are more educated about what they are eating and where it comes from. The Tucson Tamale Company advertises gluten-free selections, locally-sourced chiles and local beers, so that's where Ron headed for the photo.

It was a straight-forward food shoot, but the restaurant was dark and cozy so Ron had to bring in some extra light. He found a booth that would do the trick, with a red wall and high table. He took down a painting on mariachis on the wall, then set up a boom over the table to hold three Canon 580EX flash units (attached with clamps). He taped translucent gels on the flash units to soften the harsh light. Finally, he used the on-camera infrared flash trigger to set off all three lights without a cord. A little tweaking of the exposure in-camera and voila, a cover photo is born.

See Thursday's Caliente section in the Daily Star for the final version of the photo.