Patrons at the Congress Bar in March, 1987. Photo by Elizabeth Mangelsdorf / Arizona Daily Star

Elizabeth Mangelsdorf / Arizona

Digging through archive photos for a Caliente story about this year’s 80s-themed HoCo Fest, Star photo editor Rick Wiley found a shot of two people having drinks at the Congress Bar. The photo was an outtake and had very little information with it.

“Patrons at the Congress Bar in March, 1987. Photo by Elizabeth Mangelsdorf / Arizona Daily Star”

We put it up on our Facebook page and asked if anyone recognized the people.

Almost 100 comments, 16 Rick Springfield and seven Heather Locklear comparisons later, Facebook commenters had identified Marie Sherwood and Danny Farmer as the couple in the photo.

Sherwood was tagged in the comments by four people. But it was her friend and former roommate English Cathy Harris who called and told her to look at Facebook.

We tracked down Sherwood who now lives in L.A. and asked her about it:

Do you remember what you were doing that night? There was a band at Club Congress, The Wild Hairs.

I remember we didn’t go to specifically see them. We maybe just went there and hung out in that bar area with the jukebox and stuff that night. Maybe went for a walk.

How do you feel about the fact that people thought you were either Heather Locklear, Rick Springfield’s wife, Bon Jovi’s girlfriend, Goldie Hawn or Paula Abdul.

I am so blown away. Everyone was so nice. Like, please, not even close. I’m going to take the compliment.

What is with that guy’s hair? Facebook commenters identified him as Danny Farmer.

He was an old boyfriend of mine. I worked at a hair salon as an aesthetician at that time and I had friends who worked there as well. We all got together and worked on it one night.

It was actually blue tipped. White blond with blue tips and the braids. He was a musician. He played drums. So he was allowed to have weirdness.

What is your favorite memory from Congress?

I went a few years back, they had a 25-year-reunion for Club Congress and saw a lot of friends.

I have a lot of memories because I bartended in that bar but that was later, a couple years after that photo was taken. That was the go-to place and I spend many nights there — go dance or listen to bands, go into the little restaurant/cafe and dance all night with the girls.

I loved Tucson. It has a special place in my heart.