Long-haul truckers take a break for some coffee, food and if they have time, a shower at the 84 Truck Center at 3320 N. Casa Grande Highway in June, 1959.

Lew Raizk / Tucson Citizen

(Click on photo for slide show.) In 1959, long-haul trucking was dark and dangerous along U.S. 80, the two-lane highway through Tucson that was replaced by Interstate 10. The oasis on the road was a truck stop, like the 84 Truck Center, then at 3320 N. Casa Grande Highway, south of Prince Road. Tucson Citizen photographer Lew Raizk spent a night there in 1959. The 84 Truck Center stop eventually became Crazy Fred’s. It was demolished after a fire in 1993. The land is now vacant.