Actor Jason London, who was arrested after a bar brawl in Scottsdale last weekend has taken to Twitter to defend himself.

The “Dazed and Confused” star allegedly hit a man in the face after refusing to apologize to him after sneezing on him, the Arizona Republic reports.

The men were escorted out of the bar by security guards and London cursed and pushed fire fighters, who were helping him, and police officers, the Republic said citing police reports from the Scottsdale Police Department.

While en route to to a local jail, the actor was belligerent with officers and defecated his pants, the Republic reports.

On his Twitter page, London claims the allegations against him are false.

“I would never say or do the crap they are reporting. Have faith in me. The truth will come out and you will see.” read one tweet.

He also tweeted that he was jumped because a man thought he was hitting on his girlfriend.

“I got jumped by three 250 pound bouncers. They knocked me out and beat me for several minutes,” read another tweet.

London said he has a right orbital and sinus fractures from the fracas.

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